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Part 1: Create A Powerful Marketing Plan

Use these steps to easily stand out from your competition...even if it's crowded.

  • Separate Your Business From The Competition: Carve out a piece of any industry to call your very own.
  • Offer Products/Services That No Else Has: Sell stuff that your clients will want and be willing to pay more for. 
  • Get Your Message In Front Of Your Clients Daily: Figure out where your clients hang out and get in front of them.

Part 2: Create A Unique Brand Identity

Use these steps to properly brand your business for long-term brand recognition. 

  • Name Your Business So It's Instantly Recognized: What you name your business is important but don't overthink it.
  • Pick A Great Domain Name and Social Media Accounts: Make it easy for customers to look you up anywhere. 
  • Get A Professional Logo & Color Style Guide: Your logo and color scheme are the first thing customers see.

Part 3: Create A Lead-Generating Website

Use these steps to figure out the design and content so your website will actually turn visitors into customers. 

  • Select The Right Kind Of Layout For Your Business: A consistent design and easy-to-use website is critical.
  • Create Persuasive Content That Converts Visitors: The wording, images, videos is where customers come from. 
  • Offer A Lead Generator To Get Future Sales: 95% of website visitors are not ready to buy,  get in front of them now.
There it is.  
That's the exact system that we use with our clients every day to help them grow their local businesses. 

Client Testimonial

Dr Wade Petree
Aeon Psychological Services
San Antonio TX
"Scott and his team were amazing. They took my company's vision and created a crisp clean and informative website. As a new business owner, I would recommend giving your website ideas to them. It saves time. You can devote that saved time to other aspects of your business." 

"Local Business Is More Competitive Than Ever.  
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Scott McKay
Prime Web Design
San Antonio, TX
"After working with all kinds of local businesses, we've developed a proven system that has resulted in this Checklist & Launch Guide.  Use it today to give your local business the edge over your competition!" 

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